Under Umbrellas

I’m not interested in the romanticised version of people, but what they actually are. Not because that’s all dark, but because it’s a lot of things. It’s generous and empathetic, and it’s also vile and crass. We’re all these conflicting things melted into one. I feel like a student of human nature. I like to explore what it actually is, because that’s more interesting than rainbows and butterflies.

Annie ClarkDIY Interview, February 2014. (via strange-transmissions)

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Being a feminist by action speaks louder than arguing about semantics. Being a strong woman in the world is a feminist act. It’s impossible to be a woman and not see misogyny, but I don’t walk through life feeling like a victim. I’ve been very lucky. The strongest thing a woman can do is be successful, powerful and excel at whatever they choose to excel at.

—St. Vincent - Guardian Interview (via fuckyeahstvincent)

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